We have a sweet little corgi named Bruce who is 5 years old who has been a fun part of our family and so great with our 2 little kids.

He was a surprise birthday present from my husband! He was born on a small farm (owned by a breeder) in Virginia so we got him when he was just a 6 week old puppy. I’d always wanted a dog growing up and couldn’t love him any more!

welsh corgi puppy brucethe day we brought him home to our apartment in Virginia ^ and Bruce today:


Here are a few random facts about Corgis:

Corgis have the best smiles

Corgis are the preferred pet of the Queen

Corgis shed a ton, like all year around!  We read somewhere online that corgis don’t shed – lesson learned: don’t trust everything you read on the Internet ha ha!

Corgis have natural herding instincts. They’re commonly used to herd animals like sheep. When Bruce was a puppy he would try and ‘herd’ us when we took him for walks!

Corgis come in 2 general colors: tri color (usually with black and white) and red (sable).

Corgis love to play! We were part of a corgi meet up group in Salt Lake City and the corgis get crazy when they’re together!


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