Pursuing happiness through travel, fitness, health/wellness, family, food and photography.

Random facts about me:

  • I’m from San Diego but live in Chino Hills, CA (a suburb outside of LA)
  • I graduated from BYU in Exercise Science and love exercising and sports (soccer, baseball, yoga, cycling, gym)
  • I am a city commissioner on the Parks and Recreation commission
  • We have an energetic Welsh Corgi named Bruce
  • I’m bilingual and speak Spanish. I served an LDS mission in Guatemala. If you have any questions about Mormons, feel free to ask
  • I love to travel and wish I could I visit every country in the world
  • I knit scarves for homeless and refugee shelters. I used to sell them but the Etsy shop is currently closed 

Email: jenholtkamp [at] gmail [dot] com


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