What’s your favorite way to clean the house?

Like most women and especially fellow moms who don’t work outside the home, I would love a spotless home 24/7. With 2 kids and a dog, things can get messy if we don’t keep up the effort to keep the house relatively clean. A few years ago, I read a tip I really liked: keep your house in a condition as if guests were coming in 10 minutes.  How much could you tidy up in 10 minutes? If you think someone is going to be coming into your house, it’s easier to try and tidy things up, wipe down surfaces, and keep clutter to a minimum. While real life happens and it’s always more important to spend time with my kids versus clean, I’ve tried to stick to this advice. It’s helped us get in the habit of putting things in their place and cleaning as we go rather than letting things pile up and try and clean a lot later. This doesn’t mean that our house is clutter free but the mentality definitely helps.

My favorite chore is definitely vacuuming! It’s relaxing and nice to see instant results of a clean floor. We’ve never had a fancy vacuum but even a regular one has been sufficient. We recently upgraded our dust buster hand vacuum from one we had since we got married 10 years ago and it’s so nice with increased technology ha, ha. We got this Shark model that’s advertised especially for pet owners ($35).

shark hand vacuum for petsOur Texas home and current home we’re renting have all wooden and tiled floors and I’ve had my eye on robotic vacuums (like a knock off Roomba) – which would hopefully keep the floor cleaner in addition to vacuuming the area rugs we have. That being said, I guess my least favorite chore is sweeping. I feel like you always miss some debris. If we stay in Chino Hills for a while and are able to buy a home, I think we’d choose wood/laminate floors with some carpet in the bedrooms.

top cleaning tip

*our favorite dog products for cleaner home here


We have a sweet little corgi named Bruce who is 5 years old who has been a fun part of our family and so great with our 2 little kids.

He was a surprise birthday present from my husband! He was born on a small farm (owned by a breeder) in Virginia so we got him when he was just a 6 week old puppy. I’d always wanted a dog growing up and couldn’t love him any more!

welsh corgi puppy brucethe day we brought him home to our apartment in Virginia ^ and Bruce today:


Here are a few random facts about Corgis:

Corgis have the best smiles

Corgis are the preferred pet of the Queen

Corgis shed a ton, like all year around!  We read somewhere online that corgis don’t shed – lesson learned: don’t trust everything you read on the Internet ha ha!

Corgis have natural herding instincts. They’re commonly used to herd animals like sheep. When Bruce was a puppy he would try and ‘herd’ us when we took him for walks!

Corgis come in 2 general colors: tri color (usually with black and white) and red (sable).

Corgis love to play! We were part of a corgi meet up group in Salt Lake City and the corgis get crazy when they’re together!