Top 10…TV shows

Top 10 (1)

in no particular order…if you have any suggestions, please share!

  1. Breaking Bad – a chemistry teacher who makes meth to pay for his cancer treatments, that’s just the beginning of an intriguing series.
  2. Arrested Development – This is truly a series I could watch over and over. This comedy follows a family in Orange County, the “OC” – but don’t call it that.
  3. The Office – especially the earlier seasons with Steve Carrell. I feel like most people have seen this mockumentary series and can all relate to exciting days in an office 😉
  4. Freaks and Geeks- set in the early 80s and follows two groups of high school kids – the ‘freaks’/misfits and the ‘geeks’/nerds. Sadly, is only one series but I’ve re-watched it countless times.
  5. The Walking Dead– It’s more than the  zombie apocalypse! There’s enough characters you come to love that you become attached to the show, although slow at times.
  6. Downton Abbey – a period drama set in England, early 1900s. I loved the clothing and proper behaviors, ha, ha
  7. 30 Rock – created by and starring Tina Fey. What more needs to be said? It’s a comedy that’s for sure
  8. Better Call Saul – a spin off of one of the characters from Breaking Bad. Very well written, directed and intriguing to see the background of Saul Goodman.
  9. Veep – a political satire with Julia Louis-Dreyfus where she is the VP of the US.
  10. Parks and Recreation – similar style to ‘The Office’ starring Amy Poehler.


A random, totally weird fact about me and TV: I can’t watch shows that have laugh tracks. I feel like it makes it less funny and too forced.

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