Fiesta Friday: links I love and things to celebrate

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Where are the most underrated travel destinations?  The top country on my travel wish list in included on this list! As are a few other places I’d love to see (Morocco, Peru, etc).

It’s getting a little cooler in Texas, but some of these popsicle combinations sound delicious, especially the mango one!


This recipe for pumpkin cookies sounds so good! I’ve never used pumpkin spice baking chips and sounds like it could be a game changer.

Cake mix cookies

During freshman year at BYU, circa 2001, my roommates (who are still my best friends!) and I discovered cake mix cookies in a random cookbook at a grocery store. We didn’t actually buy the cookbook, just memorized the recipe ha,ha. They require just a few ingredients, very little prep/cook time, can easily be doubled, tripled, etc and can be adapted with different flavors –  the easiest recipe ever!


So simple, huh?!

There are SO many varieties and mix ins – here’s a few I’ve tried and love:

  • Lemon cake mix + white chocolate chips (pictured)
  • Funfetti cake mix (or you can us white or yellow cake mix and add your own sprinkles)
  • Chocolate cake mix + toffee chips
  • Strawberry cake mix + white chocolate chips
  • Chocolate cake mix + Andes mints (you can crush and mix in, or right when the cookies finish, add half an Andes mint on top, smush it around with a spoon and it will melt and be the ‘frosting’)

(baking directions are the same for all varieties)



Dessert Night

We’ve moved around quite a bit (ok, 10 times in 10 years of marriage!) and we recently started a new tradition we do shortly after moving in; it’s a fun way to make instant friends: dessert night!

We usually invite 5-10 families/couples from church and sometimes it’s just people we’ve only seen at church and have never met or have briefly talked to. It’s a great way to enjoy each other’s company, meet new people, and have delicious desserts. Ours are super casual on a Sunday night after dinner time. We usually make 4-5 desserts.

This last dessert night we hosted we made raspberry lemonade tarts, symphony brownies, lemon white chocolate chip cookies, and peach cobbler (with Blue Bell Vanilla Bean ice cream).



FullSizeRender (8)


Protein bites: easy, healthy, high energy snack

After working out, I get extremely hungry and this is my favorite protein-filled, quick snack that can be prepared beforehand.  I like this recipe because it’s SO simple, requires little prep time, no cooking time and you can add in sweets (like chocolate chips) or salty (almonds, nuts, etc). In addition to protein, it has flaxseed which has shown evidence of reducing heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. Flaxseed also comes as ‘ground flaxseed‘ if you prefer it less seedy. I usually double or triple the recipe because we go through them so fast!



FullSizeRender_5 Ingredients 


Mix then chill

Roll and enjoy!

Protein Bites (1)

easy, no bake-protein-filled

Fiesta Friday: Things to celebrate

Happy Friday and weekend! We made it!
Hosting a tea party? Check out this scone recipe.

I’ve been reading about how to epoxy a garage floor (exciting, I know!) Anyone have experience doing this – any tips?

My current favorite recipe for roasted butter garlic carrots!  Disclosure: all the recipes I use and post here are simple ones that basically anyone can make, with 2 little kids I don’t have much time to cook 🙂

and a little motivation:


Fiesta Friday: things to celebrate


The easiest vegetable dip!

I kind of like this Dalmatian tunic but not sure how it would look on me –  thumbs up or down?

I got a pair of Lululemon capris 7 years ago and they’re still in awesome condition! I don’t usually like to spend a ton on exercise clothes, but they fit amazing and great quality.

Me and my family (and dog) are still in the moving process from Utah to Austin, TX. I didn’t even realize it was Friday, life has been a whirlwind! One of the best parts is being able to decorate a new home in a few weeks! Here’s some current inspiration:


via pinterest

Happy weekend! XO


Fiesta Friday: things to celebrate


I would love a fox as a pet, my corgi is the next best thing 😉 check out this amazing fox sanctuary

The easiest way to clean a dirty microwave – lemons optional 😉

Soccer kit + Game of Thrones mashup

My favorite Mexican rice recipe I’ve made at least a dozen times since finding it

More makeup tips when being photographed (previous tips posted here) – “make up will photograph 2 shades lighter”