Cake mix cookies

During freshman year at BYU, circa 2001, my roommates (who are still my best friends!) and I discovered cake mix cookies in a random cookbook at a grocery store. We didn’t actually buy the cookbook, just memorized the recipe ha,ha. They require just a few ingredients, very little prep/cook time, can easily be doubled, tripled, etc and can be adapted with different flavors –  the easiest recipe ever!


So simple, huh?!

There are SO many varieties and mix ins – here’s a few I’ve tried and love:

  • Lemon cake mix + white chocolate chips (pictured)
  • Funfetti cake mix (or you can us white or yellow cake mix and add your own sprinkles)
  • Chocolate cake mix + toffee chips
  • Strawberry cake mix + white chocolate chips
  • Chocolate cake mix + Andes mints (you can crush and mix in, or right when the cookies finish, add half an Andes mint on top, smush it around with a spoon and it will melt and be the ‘frosting’)

(baking directions are the same for all varieties)



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