The Last Bookstore: cool things in LA

Los Angeles in endless in good food, things to see and things to do. I always say we live in a gem city, meaning that we’re close to everything but it doesn’t feel congested the way downtown does with more traffic, people, etc. A cool spot we’ve found downtown in The Last Bookstore. It’s definitely worth a trip to see if you’re in the area! Not only does it have a large selection of new and used books, they’ve created art with books and upstairs there’s small art galleries.

book tunnel! ^


7 thoughts on “The Last Bookstore: cool things in LA

  1. you and your daughter look absolutely adorable!! and this library looks amazing, the book architecture was a fun touch to such a serious place. I’m definitely gonna have to check it out next time I’m in the area.

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  2. This is certainly not your average bookstore! I like how they have used books in the different structures- it makes the store stand out, which is good because book stores tend to be generic in design

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