Health Tip

health tips avoid comparing yourself to others

When most people think about health, they think about physical health – like eating well and exercising. Total health and wellness not only involves physical health but also emotional, social, spiritual and mental health. This health tip deals with emotional and social health. How people portray themselves (especially online and social media!) isn’t how they really are. Most people don’t post pictures of their messy house, when they’re having a bad day, when they haven’t showered, etc. but everyone has those moments! Comparing ourselves to someone else is never healthy or beneficial. It’s fun to catch up with people or make friends on social media but just remember that no one is perfect, despite their online or initial appearance.

5 thoughts on “Health Tip

  1. Such a great reminder! It’s so easy to get caught up in the outwardly perfect world that’s so artfully portrayed via Instagram and other social media, but you’re absolutely right – it’s not all glitz and glam. If you can separate yourself from the comparison part, it’s great distraction though and a nice way to stay positive 😉

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  2. SOOOO true. I’ve totally given up on having a clean house. And now I’m even sharing my messiness on social media. We’ve got to share the whole story!

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