Women’s March: my thoughts and reflections

On Saturday we participated in a service project our ward coordinated with another local Christian church. We assembled and delivered sandwich lunches for the homeless. We went to the park. We ate Mexican food. We didn’t march in LA as part of the ‘Women’s March’ but my heart was with the men, women and families who did march. Why did a million people march? Was it just women’s rights, abortion rights, anti-Trump? Maybe for some people. When I first read about plans to march a few months ago, it was advertised as a ‘March for Human Rights’. Women in the US are blessed to enjoy many more freedoms and liberties than women in many other countries. I  believe women’s rights are human rights. When one group is marginalized it can allow other minority groups to become marginalized. My 2 cents on why this ‘March for Human Rights’ was so important:

We stand in solidarity with minority groups around the world

We stand for the equality, that all genders are equal (feminism does not mean women are greater and it doesn’t mean that mean aren’t great)

We stand for the right to peacefully protest

We stand for the poor, homeless and refugees around the world

We stand for the men, women and children who are victims of domestic violence

We stand for men and women who have been silent or vocal victims of rape and other sexual assault

We stand for the people who can’t receive an education because their families are too poor

We stand for the people falsely imprisoned

We stand for the people who are forced into slavery

We stand for people who need health insurance despite pre-existing conditions

We stand for humans fleeing their homes from war

and united we stand.

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