It’s a wrap: wrapping up ‘Buy 1, give 1’

Huge thanks to those supported the scarf donation program! I dropped off the scarves from ‘Buy 1, give 1’ at the Refugee Services of Texas which has been helping people resettle since 1978. I chose them because they offer so many vital services for people coming to the US. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to flee your home country because of war, etc and come to a new country with a new language and different customs. There were 2 men working on mailing some papers and they had like 50 postal service envelopes and you could tell they had no idea what to do. I experienced like 1% of their experience during my mission in Guatemala – struggling with a foreign language, not understanding how things work at banks, transportation, etc., wandering around a city and just an overall feeling of feel lost or sometimes out of place – however, my experience was different because there’s already a support system as an LDS missionary in a foreign country. You have an experienced companion, mission president, etc. I’m glad there are places and people looking out and helping refugees.

Again, thank you for your support.  I had a lot of fun knitting this fall and hope to do the program every year.

charity scarf program refugees

scarf charity donation refugees

scarf charity donation refugees

refugee services of texas


2 thoughts on “It’s a wrap: wrapping up ‘Buy 1, give 1’

  1. Great job Jen. So proud of you. You have a beautiful giving heart! I’m sure the recipients of your beautiful scarves will love them!


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