Yo yo yoga

Before my mission, one of my friends at BYU introduced me to yoga and I’ve loved it ever since. I haven’t been consistently practicing since then but the time periods where I’m actively practicing yoga I definitely feel the benefits.

Why I love yoga: it combines strength, stretching, flexibility, balance, breathing and relaxation.  I feel stronger after practicing and also more relaxed and energized.yoga

My favorite myth about yoga: you have to be flexible to do it. Not true! On most days I can’t even touch my toes, there are always options to poses and modifications. Yoga is very personal and everyone can go at their own pace and modify the poses without judgement.

My favorite pose: Tree (Vriksasana) I love feeling rooted while working on balance, full body strength and being centered. The image of a tree is very solid, strong, firmness and represents life.tree pose

tree pose

Products I like: gaiam yoga mat, water bottle, Lululemon capris (similar)

best-way to start the week yoga

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