Comal River tube float

On Saturday we went floating down the Comal River with our friends (no kids) and it was so fun! There are a few tubing companies near the river entry in New Braunfels (which is like an hour and a half south of Austin), we went with Chuck’s Tubes and would definitely go with them again. They bus you to the river entry and pick you up at the end of the float which took us about 2 hours.

The weather was great and the water was fairly warm. It was relaxing with beautiful scenery. The only weird thing that happened was as we passed a patch of moss and branches floating on the water THERE WAS A SNAKE! Not exaggerating it was fatter than a rattlesnake and about 2 feet long! I’d heard there could be snakes in rivers/lakes but have never lived in a place like that before! According to a google search later, it was probably a water snake with are non venomous (although poisonous water moccasins also are found in Texas!)

The following photos were taken on my phone through a waterproof cell phone pouch I bought for this trip –  which explains the vintage-ish look, ha, ha! At $8 I felt it was a steal and something I can use in the future swimming or at the splash pad with the kids.  Comal river tubing

Comal River tubing

Comal River tubing



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