Motherhood Around the World series summary

One of my favorite blogs I’ve been reading for years started another segment of their series “Motherhood Around the World” where they interview American moms living abroad and discuss surprising and unique aspects of raising kids in various cultures. It’s been so fascinating to read about different parenting styles, giving birth in a country one didn’t grow up in,  and of course seeing the beautiful landscapes around the world.

In Sweden (and other countries), babies will often nap outside tucked in their strollers – that’s one huge difference than in the US! Child Protective Service would be called before anyone could think twice! 😉  Some countries like Germany have paid maternity leave up to 12 months!

Some of the countries featured that I found particularly interesting were: Iceland, Thailand, Kenya, and Mexico. While I’ve lived abroad twice (in Guatemala and Scotland), both were before we had kids and would’ve been very different experiences. We’ve always been open to moving abroad with our kids and this series has given me an interesting and real insight to what it might be like.

Check out the amazing outdoor community pool in Iceland:


this cute family in Thailand:


or read the series here on A Cup of Jo!

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