Quick teeth whitening with Carbon Coco

carbon coco teeth whitening

I’ve been using this 100% natural teeth whitener, Carbon Coco. It’s a charcoal whitening powder that you brush on followed by a charcoal toothpaste (which is black in color but mint flavored). This product is easy to use, doesn’t require a lot of time (the same amount of time it normally takes to brush your teeth) and it has great results! I also like that it’s a natural product, not tested on animals, free shipping and the provide great customer service.

How to Use:

Wet a soft-bristled toothbrush (the kit comes with one or you can use your own as long as it’s soft-bristled)

Dip wet toothbrush into charcoal powder. Brush your teeth like you normally would. NOTE: your teeth will look black, don’t be shocked! Your spit will also be black.  Also, since it’s a powder it’s a little messy. I brush over my sink to catch any loose powder. It doesn’t stain sinks/counter tops but can be a little messy.

Brush for 3 minutes. Rinse off brush and rinse mouth.

Apply charcoal activated toothpaste on brush. Brush for 3 minutes. Rinse.


It took about 8 weeks of consistent use to see results for me. I’ve used other at home teeth whitening products in the past and had a great experience with Carbon Coco mostly because it’s super easy and fast to use.Carbon Coco natural charcoal teeth whitening

carbon coco teeth whitening

black charcoal powder ^ 

carbon coco teeth whitening

5 ways to increase your self confidence

No matter who you are, there are always situations where you may wish for a bit more self confidence. I think I was pretty shy as a child and learning to speak to adults and really anyone is something I learned a lot on my mission. While I’m not the most self confident person in the world, I do feel that with practice, I’m able to talk to basically anyone. Here are 5 things that have helped me:

1.Firm handshake – a firm handshake can convey that you are a strong and confident person. You don’t need to use a death grip when shaking someone’s hand but you should also try to avoid the ‘dead fish’ handshake.

2. Good posture – body language says a lot about you and your personality. Standing tall can make you feel and appear more confident even if you are feeling nervous. Pull your shoulders back because you are in charge.

3. Have a quick look to appear ‘put together’  – Doing something small can often help you feel more ‘put together’ with your best face forward and more confident. This doesn’t mean you have to be extra fancy or wear a lot of make up. Often looking your best can help you feel your best. I find that small things like having my nails nice or painted, I feel more ‘put together’. Other small ways to look and feel your best include brushing your hair, adding an accessory like earrings, putting on a lip color, cleaning your shoes from any scuffs, etc.

4. Whiten your teeth – smile with confidence by using a teeth whitener. My favorite is the teeth whitening system from Smile Brilliant (save $25 with code ‘jamtartmd25’). The trays are custom fit to mold to your teeth. It comes with whitening gels to use in the trays followed by a desensitizing gel. To see my previous results, click here.

5. Pretend that everyone likes you – whether it’s meeting new people or giving a presentation or speech, pretend that everyone already likes you and are friends.With this mindset, you can overcome hesitation, fear, or nervousness. Chances are that they like you anyway!

5 ways to increase self confidence

5 ways to increase self confidence

Romper from Carissa Miss, an awesome apparel shop where 100% of the proceeds goes towards the National Footsteps for Fertility grant.

Bright White Memorial Day

I’m thankful today to celebrate and remember those who have died to allow use to enjoy the amazing freedoms of this country. We have many freedoms and rights that citizens of other countries do not have. Sometimes I feel that politics (especially in a two party dominant country) can be divisive so I’m extra grateful we have days like today to remind us that we are all Americans.

Today is celebrated in lots of different ways – the beach, vacations, family time, etc. We don’t have anything special planned today as Dave is going out of town tonight for work in Phoenix. Something I always love about Memorial Day (and the other American holidays) are the flag decorations that dot the neighborhoods and businesses. The Red represents ‘valor’, the White ‘innocence’ and the Blue ‘vigilance, perseverance and justice’.

There’s an old saying that you can’t wear white until after Memorial Day – not sure where this originated or if it’s truly observed! I tend to wear more black and gray but also love white. For a lot of people, Memorial Day also signals the beginning of summer and summer colors. Here are some of my white picks:


I’m happy to partner again with Smile Brilliant who help you achieve your best smile from the comfort of your home! I first used their custom made teeth whitening trays in December and had a great experience. The whole process is easy to follow and use. Smile Brilliant is offering you $25 your whitening trays with the code: jamtartmd25 . With this code you can receive their teeth whitening system for lightly stained teeth for $104!

You can also win $50 off a teeth whitening kit by entering this Rafflecopter giveaway. Contest ends 6/5/17 and winner must use discount code by 6/23/17.


dress/Birkenstocks/Converse/nail polish/pineapple top




New year, new you: smile brilliant

2016 is winding down and it’s been a crazy year -from the Cubs breaking the curse and winning the World Series to the presidential election upset! It was an exciting year for us as we moved from Utah to Texas to California, sold our first home, bought and sold our second home and feel like we’ve been packing and unpacking all year 😉 The holiday season is always a fun time to reflect on the year and anticipate the excitement that will come in the new year. With the new year, why not a new you and a new smile?! I’m excited to introduce an awesome product that will give you a brand new and confident smile!

smile brilliant at home teeth whitening trays affordable

Smile Brilliant is a teeth whitening product like no other. I’ve used a few different whitening products and whitening strips but was so impressed with the results from Smile Brilliant. The process is simple and the time you invest will pay off.

smilebrilliant smilebrilliant at home teeth whitening trays

  • The company sends trays and material to make your dental impressions.
  • Mail back your impressions in a pre-paid envelope and in about a week you will receive your custom fit trays.
  • Brush your teeth with water, squeeze (from the syringe that comes with the package) the whitening gel into the tray and leave on your teeth anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours. On average I left my trays on for an hour and 15 minutes.
  • Remove the trays and rinse them with water, brush your teeth with toothpaste.
  • Apply the desensitizing gel to the trays and leave the trays on your teeth for 10-15 minutes. After you are not supposed to eat or drink for at least 30 minutes. I always used my whitening trays before bed so it was never an issue.

smilebrilliant teeth whitening at home My teeth are naturally sensitive so I used the whitening trays every other day for the recommended times and still got awesome results. These trays are easy to use, painless, don’t taste weird and come with all the instructions in the box. If you invest the time, you will get great results too!

I loved that the trays were made to fit my teeth so the gel didn’t ooze out. With previous whitening products I’ve tried, the product slips out and is often swallowed.  I loved that I could whiten my teeth in my pajamas in my home without going to the dentist’s office and while still getting the same results!

Smile Brilliant has generously offered to giveaway a custom teeth whitening kit! Enter here.

You can also save 5% by using the code: jamtart

If you’re interested in reading more about the process, click here and here is a video showing the process. If you have any questions about the product or process please let me know or you can read these FAQs.

The giveaway ends in two weeks. This post is sponsored by Smile Brilliant.
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