Fiesta Friday: links I love and things to celebrate

things to celebrate happy weekend links

My best and most loyal friend made this awesome announcement after 7 years of waiting and trying for their baby girl:


As I totally love tartan and plaid, I’m loving  Blair’s look (from Atlantic Pacific):


While Dave was away in CA last week to start his new job, I started re-watching Downton Abbey and reminisced my love of the Crawley sisters and Mary’s amazing wardrobe! I love the time period the series takes place from the actual historical events of WW1 to the apparel and proper speech.




Winter bedrooms

I guess it’s finally winter in Austin, the temperatures have dropped, brisk winds, gray skies and mostly rain. This type of winter is much preferable to our previous winters in Utah! I’m loving not driving or walking/slipping around in the snow 😉 I’ve never thought about winter bedding besides just adding more blankets when it’s cold but I love these ideas of special, cozy bedding for the winter time.

winter reindeer bedding

Snow Flake Stag bedding

tartan bedding winter plaid

Tartan bedding 

snowflake bed winter

Snowflake bedding

Mad for Plaid: Fall fashion trend

One of our favorite things about living in Scotland was seeing tartan in everyday life and learning the different clans and their signature pattern. Scottish people are very proud of their heritage and family names. Dave’s ancestors come from  Macaulay and Moffat heritage lines. Plaid, or tartan, is such a classic pattern. I would love to get one of these plaid skirts (none over $100)!

mad-for-plaid skirts for fall fashion

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