Fiesta Friday: links I love and things to celebrate

things to celebrate happy weekend links

The cacti in Texas are so beautiful and I love these cupcakes by @houselarsbuilt (Instagram) they looks so real!

cacti cupcake house lars built

My friend from VA, Julie, has been doing these awesome bus stop costumes the last few Octobers. She picks a different costume everyday when she picks up her kids from the bus stop. She does this to show kids it’s ok to be different – isn’t that so awesome?! She is not only a great friend but an amazing person and mother to her five kids! (Instagram @busstopcostumes)


 I love fall desserts and this apple pumpkin bundt cake looks delicious and not complicated!


Fiesta Friday: links I love and things to celebrate

things to celebrate happy weekend links

The cutest dog-baby relationship! Not quite how Bruce and the kids are but they do get along pretty well 😉

dog and baby

Love this perfect fall image from Julia at Gal Meets Glam – the changing colors and huge trees make me miss Virginia and DC!


I’m intrigued by rose gold make up like this:


Fiesta Friday: links I love and things to celebrate

things to celebrate happy weekend links

Another perk of living in Texas is Blue Bell ice cream! Not only do they have a ton of flavors, but I also love the creaminess and flavor; my favorite is Rocky Road. I would love to visit this museum dedicated to ice cream!

A trip to the English countryside looks so amazing! The only time we were in England (besides the airport) was a quick trip to London. I’d love to go back and visit the country…and some Downton Abbey sites.

Totally obsessed with this look – especially the blanket scarf, lip color and that braid! I wish my hair was thick enough for a braid crown!



Fiesta Friday: links I love and things to celebrate

things to celebrate happy weekend links

I’ve heard silk pillows can keep your hair looking fresh and your skin less wrinkle prone – anyone tried one? I’m curious and hope it’s worth the price!

In love with this iphone skin decal and the white marble trend.

Cupshe has some pretty amazing swimsuits for low prices, like really low prices! I’d never heard of the company until this summer and really like these two:

one strap one piece black swim suit


one piece suit black with ruffle


Fiesta Friday

things to celebrate happy weekend links

When we lived in Virginia, our street name was Cotswolds Hill Lane – having not known what the Cotswolds were then, they’ve since been added to my list of places to travel – check them out here with Julia’s travel post, so gorgeous!

This is literally my favorite facial product right now! I’ve definitely seen the claimed results of refined pores and a clean, detoxified feeling on your skin.

I recently discovered an awesome travel blog from the beautiful Emi, who documented these amazing pregnancy photos on her trips!

Have a great weekend! XO


Fiesta Friday: Things to celebrate

Happy Friday and weekend! We made it!
Hosting a tea party? Check out this scone recipe.

I’ve been reading about how to epoxy a garage floor (exciting, I know!) Anyone have experience doing this – any tips?

My current favorite recipe for roasted butter garlic carrots!  Disclosure: all the recipes I use and post here are simple ones that basically anyone can make, with 2 little kids I don’t have much time to cook 🙂

and a little motivation:


Fiesta Friday: things to celebrate


The easiest vegetable dip!

I kind of like this Dalmatian tunic but not sure how it would look on me –  thumbs up or down?

I got a pair of Lululemon capris 7 years ago and they’re still in awesome condition! I don’t usually like to spend a ton on exercise clothes, but they fit amazing and great quality.

Me and my family (and dog) are still in the moving process from Utah to Austin, TX. I didn’t even realize it was Friday, life has been a whirlwind! One of the best parts is being able to decorate a new home in a few weeks! Here’s some current inspiration:


via pinterest

Happy weekend! XO


Fiesta Friday: things to celebrate


I would love a fox as a pet, my corgi is the next best thing 😉 check out this amazing fox sanctuary

The easiest way to clean a dirty microwave – lemons optional 😉

Soccer kit + Game of Thrones mashup

My favorite Mexican rice recipe I’ve made at least a dozen times since finding it

More makeup tips when being photographed (previous tips posted here) – “make up will photograph 2 shades lighter”