Crock Pot Ranch Chicken

My sister in law shared this delicious and easy recipe (found here) and I’ve adapted it. It is very simple and requires little prep and little cooking time! I may be the last person on earth to discover this, but earlier this year I heard the easiest way to shred chicken – using a hand mixer/Kitchen Aid/Bosch mixer!

crock-pot-ranch-chicken easy dinner recipe

crock-pot ranch-chicken easy fast dinner recipe

Crock pot Chili

I’ve used my Crock-Pot more this year than ever because we have church from 2:30-5:30 PM! PM! It’s the latest we’ve ever had church and a little crazy because Tessa usually naps from 2-5 pm. By the time we get home a little before 6, everyone is starving and having dinner ready to be served at 6 has been key. Most all my recipes come from Pinterest and this chili recipe I found from a google search a few years ago and have adapted it. It’s requires little prep and little cook time! We usually serve it topped with sour cream and cheese and cornbread muffins (I use Jiffy ) on the side.

crock-pot-chili-1 easy fall dinner recipe

easy crock pot chili recipe